Sunday, February 19, 2017

Learn from Nature

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Do you know nature? Is nature important for us? What we have to do with nature? Maybe some people don’t care about those questions. But if we learn more from nature, we will understand if nature is very valuable for our life and we can’t life without nature.

First of all, I will tell you about the components of nature. Those are tree, flower, river, mountain, and sea. The components are complete each other to make a beautiful world like we have seen until now. We can learn more deeply from each of them and we will know why God was created them for us.

The first component is tree. Why I take tree for the first component? Because tree is the most important component in the world. Tree can produce oxygen for our life and other beings, while we release carbon dioxide for tree’s respiration. How can we life without oxygen? Without tree, we will not life until now. Is tree needs us too? We know that tree need carbon dioxide for its respiration. But carbon dioxide is not produced from us only, but disaster such as volcanic eruption and wildfire can produce carbon dioxide too. So, tree doesn’t very need us, but actually we really need tree.

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The second component is flower. Maybe we think that flower is same with tree. But most of the trees have only one color, it is green. Usually, we feel bored if we only look at one color. Because that, I take flower in the component of nature because flower has a variety of color and it can make us relax if we look at the flower. Can you think how can we life without flower and world just has tree with only green color? It doesn’t beautiful, right? Besides that, some people like to state their love for her/his boy/girlfriend with flowers. And there are many other benefits from flower, not only that.

River, the third component of the nature. There are so many benefits from river for our life. River is the one of places that has fresh water for drink, bath, wash, and much more. Moreover, there are many living things in the river, especially fish. We can consume the fish and other animals in the river for our additional nutrition. But now, we are seldom to seeing the river which has fresh and blue water. Much of them, the water was polluted by garbage and other polluter especially in the city. How can the fish and other living things in the river life if we continue to littering in the river?

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Mountain, the next component of nature. Mountain have a beautiful scenery, especially in the morning. The climbers like to climb mountain to see the beautiful scenery. Besides that, mountain often used for mining for our needs. But if we do that continuously, we will never see a beautiful mountain again.

The last component is sea, the expanse of blue water. Sea has an own beauty, especially if we look when the sun sets in the afternoon. Moreover, sea also has a beautiful scenery under it and a lot of natural wealth such as coral reefs, variety of unique fish, dolphins, sharks, and much more. Moreover, sea also used for the fisherman's livelihood.

There are so many lessons that we can take from nature. Nature has provided our needs for our life in the world. But why do people still destroy the nature until now? Don't people know how many benefits that have been provided by nature? Destroy nature is same with destroy our life. So, let's take care our nature. Love nature, love our live. :)


Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Holiday

Sunset in Sayang Heulang Beach

Hi, Guys! How are you today? Did you enjoy your holiday this semester? I hope you enjoyed your holiday, although it just two weeks (or just a week maybe:( ) Or you studied along your holiday? Hehehe, just kidding :D Don't be serious okay!

Santolo Beach
By the way, in this blog I will tell you about my first holiday in 3 Senior High School Bandung. I was very grateful to The God because I didn't get "Short Semester" in my first semester at 3 SHS. So I had two weeks for holiday with my family, and we went to Santolo Beach and Sayang Heulang Beach in Garut on 29 December 2016. We went to Garut by our car at 5 am, and arrived at 11 am in Santolo Beach.

A crab that I caught at Santolo
I was very amazed when I looked Santolo Beach. I never saw a very beautiful beach like that. Santolo Beach was very amazing beach which has blue water with no waste that polluted the water. There were a lot of small crab on the beautiful seashore. The crab were walking around the beach and seen afraid when they saw a human. I very like the water when its color was changed to red. But it was not very red. If we look the water more thoroughly, we will look the color of the water was redness. Maybe it is a colony of red algae that brought out by the wave to the seashore.

Sayang Heulang Beach
After we went to Santolo Beach, we went to Sayang Heulang Beach that was not too far from Santolo Beach. Sayang Heulang Beach has a little different with Santolo Beach. It has some coral and rock in the seashore. But it's not less beautiful than Santolo Beach. The water is very clean and blue like Santolo Beach. If Santolo Beach has a lot of small crab, Sayang Heulang Beach has a lot of "kumang" (the cute and small animal which has a shell for its house and its body like a very small crab). The kumang were hide in the coral for protect itself from the predator. I and my family were at the Sayang Heulang Beach until the sunset was came. I looked at the sky, and I was amazed again when I looked the orange and blue color in the sky were side by side made a beautiful sky on the expanse of blue sea. It was looked so wonderful !

Monday, October 31, 2016

Dewi Sartika

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Raden Dewi Sartika
Dewi Sartika was born on Bandung, 4 December 1884 and died in Tasikmalaya, 11 September 1947. She was a pioneering figure for women's education in Indonesia, especially in West Java. Her father, Raden Somanagara, was a freedom fighter. Her father was discarded on the island of Ternate by the Dutch government and had died in there.

When Dewi Sartika was studying in Elementary School Cicalengka, she had been showing an interest in education. Because since childhood, she had been pleased to portray the behavior of a teacher. For example, usually after school, she always play "sekolah-sekolahan" with her girl friends and she was very pleased to play a role as a teacher. When her age was only ten years old, Cicalengka was shocked by literacy and a few words in Dutch demonstrated by some children maid. Uproar, because at the time there were a lot of children (especially rabble children) that had such capabilities, and they were only taught by a girl.

Image result for dewi sartikaIn 1904, Dewi Sartika successfully established a school which was called "School Wife". In the first time, it had only twenty students. They were taught math, reading, writing, sewing, crochet, embroider and religious studies. In the following years, in some areas of Pasundan, appear some School Wife which was mainly managed by women of West Java who had same idea with Dewi Sartika. For her services in this field, Dewi Sartika awarded service medal by the government of the Dutch East Indies.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Short Stories

The Donkey and The Little Dog

This is a short story that I found it at

A man had a little dog, and he was very fond of it. He would pat its head, and take it on his knee, and talk to it. Then he would give it little bits of food from his own plate.

A donkey looked in at the window and saw the man and the dog.

"Why does he not make a pet of me?" said the donkey. 

"It is not fair. I work hard, and the dog only wags its tail, and barks, and jumps on its master's knee. It is not fair."

Then the donkey said to himself, "If I do what the dog does, he may make a pet of me."

So the donkey ran into the room. It brayed as loudly as it could. It wagged its tail so hard that it knocked over a jar on the table. Then it tried to jump on to its master's knee.

The master thought the donkey was mad, and he shouted, "Help! Help!" Men came running in with sticks, and they beat the donkey till it ran out of the house, and they drove it back to the field.

"I only did what the dog does," said the donkey," and yet they make a pet of the dog, and they beat me with sticks. It is not fair."

The moral value is we don't have to be someone else and we don't envy to someone else because we have a different predestination in our live. We must believe that the God's choice is always better than we had expected.

You can also read other story about :

1. Potatoes, Eggs, and Coffee Beans ( )

Moral value : We don't look someone from the outer, because the outer of somebody can be different with his/her inside

Moral value : We don't scold our parents, especially mother, because our mother's pray will be granted by The God

Moral value : We don't greedy to someone else and we have to budge to someone else

Monday, October 3, 2016


Good Morning !

Dear, students of 3'2019 ! Congratulation on your acceptance! Now, you've become a part of  SMAN 3 Bandung.

Our school will hold an event that introduce SMAN 3 Bandung's environment. This event called  Plist and will be held on Tuesday, 19th July 2016. All of the students must assemble in 3 and 5 School Corridor at 6 a.m. and wear uniform from each Junior High School. We expect you to come on time. Don't forget to have breakfast!

Thank you for your attention, see you at SMAN 3 Bandung tomorrow!

*You can watch the announcement at
Thank you :)

Monday, September 26, 2016

My Unforgettable Moment

Hi, Guys! In this blog, I will tell you about my unforgettable moment. Hmm, there are many of my unforgettable moments actually, but I prefer to tell you about my effort to be a student of SMAN 3 Bandung because it was very hard to reach it and that is the biggest dream since I was in Junior High School.

SMAN 3 Bandung is one of the most favorite school in Indonesia, isn't it? I wanted to school in there since I was in 7th grade. But, my Junior High School is not the favorite school in my city, so I doubt to be a student at SMAN 3 Bandung.

I had some pressure from my parent, my family, my friends, and my teachers that I will not able to school in SMAN 3 Bandung. They said the students are very smart so I will not able to compete with them. And my mother said "You just a student of SMP 6, how can SMAN 3 Bandung will be your next school. It's impossible!" Honestly, I offended when my mom said it. My spirit was getting down at the time. But I won't give up. I will reach my biggest dream that I ever had. But in the 8th grade, I was getting down again, and I was very very drop, because I didn't pass the National Science Olympiad in provincial level, but my other friends succeed to passed the Olympiad, so I was very sad and disappointed. Moreover, my mother gave me more pressure again if I can't be a student of SMA 3, even my friends too. Finally, I gave up at the time. I think the people are right. I was not school in the favorite Junior High School, I just a student at SMP 6, and I am not worthy to study in the best school, moreover the best school in Indonesia. I blame my self all the time, why I'm not move to the other school, so I will have a chance to study in SMA 3. And since I was 8th grade, I didn't have a biggest dream again.

Everything changed when I was in 9th grade. In the October and November 2015, I had several competition that raised up my biggest dream again. One of them is I won in a mathematics competition with my two partners and we had 5th champion in West Java. I was very excited when I heard that we won the competition, and my spirit was come back. I still doubt to choose SMAN 3 Bandung for my next school actually, but I will try first. I studied earnestly and prayed every time to reach my biggest dream. I didn't want to hear my mother's say or my friend's say if I can't be student of SMA 3. Finally, in the climax competition, National Exam, I reach a big value and I try to register at SMA 3. Alhamdulillah, I can't stop to praise to The God because I accepted in SMAN  3 Bandung. I think is a beautiful moment and a most unforgettable moment in my live, and I won't forget it forever :)

That's my story, thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Hi everyone!! In this blog, I will tell you about a big SMAN 3 Bandung event which held in September 10th, 2016. Yes, it is Megantara. Megantara is a festival of art, literature, and culture that held for anyone, especially for students of JHS and SHS in Bandung. Megantara held in Lapangan Bali that invited RAN and The Changcuters for the guest star and other performance from inside and outside.

Megantara succeed to bring very much visitor. Besides livened by RAN and The Changcuters, Megantara also livened by OSD ITB, UKM Bali, Studio Puri Hamdani, Wayang Golek Putra Giri Harja 3, Rampak Kendang Darul Hikam, ElHouse Art Production, Lingkung Seni Sunda 3, Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3, Kelompok Vokal 3, Musik Klasik 3, Tiloe's Theatre, Band 3, and many more. Moreover, Megantara had food stand, foodtruck, dangdut coffee, traditional snacks, art exhibition, traditional cloth fashion show, traditional game, ghost house, and batik culture stand.

In the morning, the students of 10th grade in SMAN 3 Bandung was parade from Belitung street to Jawa street. They was wearing kebaya during the parade. After that, Megantara was opened gate at 11.35 am, but Megantara didn't crowded in the afternoon. I entered Megantara at 2.00 pm and I waited the performance with my friends which name are Altof, Dwi, and Itsnani. When we were sitting near the stage, my other friends (her name is Ian) suddenly ran to our place with a frightened face._. Evidently, she was afraid to the ghost that act by T'ST in the ghost place, wkwkwkwk... I never think that she afraid to the ghost, even though she have a big body from other student 😆 Altof, Dwi, Itsnani, and I decided to enter the ghost house. Finally, we went to ghost house and when we stand up in the front of ghost house's door, Dwi and Itsnani was very very afraid to enter the ghost house and I. Then Altof decided to enter the ghost house first, and I can't stop laughing in the ghost house because Altof was singing with an afraid face and Dwi shouted "Afnaaa... Afnaaa... Afnaaaaaaa..." 😆😆 So, I was laughing during enter the ghost house wkwkwkwk